StarMade Server #956

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #956
Registered by buzznet
Registered on December 19th, 2014 11:51 AM EST
Deleted on March 4th, 2017 06:30 PM EST

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Comments (46)

I was wondering if you guys could please increase the jump range at least to 50km that would be so much better
server is being really lagy and choppy
the server has been having a lot of problems with heavy load lately.
why offline?
hey buzz. mythic and ltday unadmined me and threatend me because i wanted to wait and talk to you to see what youd say about joining there stupid admin faction. there are no benifits for joining it. you can read the whole conversation in admin chat but they are really starting to piss me off. i didnt do anything. i just wanted to wait for you and now they are doing stuff to me

buzz they also banned me because i called them out on abusing there privileges in front of everyone. or kicked me. i haven't checked yet but this is out of hand. take control of your server and do something! these guys are threatening me and saying i have to do everything they tell me. iv waited for you but you haven't shown up or done anything about it. im sorry but if this is what is going to happen to me after everything iv done for the server then im out

i cant get back on the server... i see how it is. ill try again in a couple of hours to see if anythings changed but if i cant get back on again all because i wouldnt listen to these assholes all because about a week ago they tried to get me to join there "elite" admin faction whatever that is than they tell me i have to because you say i do and all i want to do is wait for you to see if they are telling the truth and to see if there is anyway i can just stick with my friends and still help out the server like I ALWAYS HAVE!!! but now iv been threatened unadmined kicked and banned by your "elite" admins so i mean if this is how you treat people that have looked out for the server than thats cool. so i guess ill try agian in a couple of hours and see what happens

so iv been unbanned.. :l but am i seriously going to stay unadmined just because i spoke my mind about how stupid it was to force me( who has seriously helped your server more times than i can count) into a faction with idiots like this! and are you seriously going to take there side on this. they harassed me about joining there dumb "elite" admins faction a week ago i thought they were lying! buzz answer me! is this seriously how you treat people.

ps before i leave forever since you obviously don't care about the people that have helped you i just want you to know that right now there is a fight going on about someone hacking and stealing peoples ships... peace out

hey Not a spy

I have been really busy with work and graduations with my kids . I am here and will make sure this situation gets resolved. The elite admins faction is my idea and you are to be a part of this faction. The thing is I need you guys to be able to get along ALL ADMINS are supposed to be on the same team, now maybe its my fault because im rairly on to keep things in order but we will work this out and keep the server a good place to be.

hey buzz im sorry about all of that. i had just got home from work and was tired and heated. my bad :/
hey buzz if you see the names roimai or 1234567 or something like that on the server block them. I spent 40 minutes talking to these guys as they threatened me about destroying the server and saying other stuff. they are both 12 years old so i wouldn't pay to much attention but they were also bullying people on the server so if they get back on you should block them
my new name is ghostbringer420


how do i fix
People have had problems not bein gable to get on the server even tho they are not blocked. ghost is one of them. what is causing this error
buzz get on the serer plz

Hyperion is still there... everytime i try to get on i crash because im right next to the Hyperion. :l
hey buzz not s spy here. we have a problem. so last night me ghost and mech were skype chatting Gorganus. he told us that he had the biggest and most powerful ship in the game so naturally we wanted to see it. it was the hyperion. it crashed me and ed when we tried to delete it and now i cannot get back into the game. if we cannot delete it please delete this ship. warning: do not for the love of god approach the ship. you will crash than be stuck there to crash for eternity. ... ps about the whole ghost situation. i know him personally and he doesn't do stuff like that. the only thing wrong he might of done is help people too much and give them to many credits for free because he is a nice guy. so if you could rethink the ghost situation that would be cool. and please get rid of the Hyperion. this is driving us all crazy

Gorganus told us that it might crash people that are near it so it is our fault for having him show us the ship. i take full responsibility for it if it crashes others
i did not konw what it was it was called ok
it is at spow
i got hat
I highly recommend not playing on this server. They gave an individual known as Ghost420 administrative permissions and he went and deleted my ship I had spent many hours making and then teleported me thousands of sections out to die when I asked for it back. contains the exchange before my death. NOT play on this server.
buzz are you done with uodats
hey buzz plz fix the server cuz i want to play!!!
hey buzz
at all
Buzznet can you fix the server because me and ghost where on and server died on us and now we can't join it so plz fix it
hi buzz
hey guys once again thanks for making me admin now just one question. i cannot edit Spawn. and i am not sure how to be able to. if you could tell me that would be awesome

So i am unable to work on spawn today but if you get back to me or i catch you on tomorrow i will work on it. here are my plans for spawn.( a big Welcome sign Flashing Blue and grey,,, might say something below it. not sure yet. than gonna have about 10 docks for noobs. 2 sentrys at the edge of each dock. a little bit below the welcome sign, and than have the shop in the middle of it all.

was unable because i cant edit it
buzznet i need u plz come and see this comment cuz i need u to tp me to spy cuz i want to show him my ship
Fix that server plz i was gona get to my ship
buzz plz put up the server plz

Sorry about that , I was moving files to a new machine for better performance .


hey buzz