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Spend more then 6hrs building my ship and somehow it was removed without any warning... Had a faction module on it so no one could had touched it except server staff... I had forgot to save a blueprint for my ship when i finished.

Highly NOT a recommended Server....
Do Not Join! There are other better servers online.
Why is the server down?
I would liked to be payed in money for the lose to my base, the losing of my minded ore, players in my faction, their ships, my new ship, and my new mining ship. This has been very annoying to me. I also have been voting for your sever last week and this week and been very helpful to your server. I've also been very active. However I would like to be compensate for my damages to my faction, ships, and my factions base. Please contact me through

Yours sincerely, Theinventor10 a player on WolfPackClan

what happen to your server and buzz nets server B-2
bro B-2 i need u go to buzznets server