StarMade Server #7

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #7
Registered by Doomsider
Registered on June 12th, 2013 03:25 PM EST
Deleted on February 17th, 2014 12:36 PM EST

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Rank Server Players Uptime Tags
Ragnarok Galaxy
Online 0.199.433 United States of America
0 / 64 100% AI Authentication Local Blueprints Roleplay
80 Online 0.199.472 Australia 0 / 10 91%
66 Online 0.199.253 United States of America 0 / 10 100%
46 Online 0.199.472 United States of America 1 / 32 99% AI Authentication Blueprints PvP Roleplay
32 Online 0.199.472 United States of America 2 / 32 65% AI Authentication

Comments (5)

Admins are nice when you aren't being an ass to them or just being an ass in general. Server doesn't seem to lag all that often at all, even when there are a great many players online. Mostly friendly community when you find the right groups to hang around with.

Eeyup !
Due to the Alpha status of Starmade and the popularity of NASS there are often outages. While this is regrettable it is also inevitable. All we can do is report these bugs to Schema so he can fix them. I am well aware when NASS goes down and I work hard to address the issues, but sometimes I just have to wait for Schema to issue a fix.

I really love this server! But all the sudden I can't join it. I am getting an error every time I try to log into it. "EOFException" I can join other servers fine, I even went to a backup and re-updated in hopes of fixing this. :( I really like to play on this server.
Best server out there !

Not just my opinion, check the rig stats, Xeon cores, 200 Mb/s connection ? THAT's what I call a "professional server".