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The Errant Venture

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1. Good server, takes a while to get out to somewhere good though. Thank you for the good server, Mr. Owner guy. 2. What is up with the down time?

Thanks. Have you used the gate network? It will get you out pretty far.

Sorry for the downtime, internet is out, they will be out to fix it tomorrow.

I haven't used the gate network, yet. I just put some drives on a small ship and went for a ride. As for the network, roger that.
Hi there could the Owner or Admin please kick me from the game
as I cannot log in as I am still logged in from the last time

Hey, I'm out of town at a business conference, but as soon as I get back to my hotel room I'll take care of it for you.
Very fun server, its the kind of server I like
just wish there were a few more regular players
Great server bro, I recommend it to everyone! The costum pirates are great, though I think you should set the speed limit to 120 ;D
Sorry for the recent extended of downtime. I was busy with real life stuff and didn't realize my server process had crashed. I have setup a script to hopefully catch when the server crashes and auto-restart the program.