StarMade Server #362

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #362
Registered by Devion
Registered on August 13th, 2013 04:06 AM EST
Deleted on November 27th, 2015 06:30 AM EST

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Rank Server Players Uptime Tags
StarMade Australia
Online 0.199.654 Australia
2 / 30 100% AI Authentication Blueprints Creative PvP Roleplay
17 Universe
Online 0.199.654 Czech Republic
1 / 32 88% AI Authentication Blueprints PvP Roleplay
38 Online 0.199.435 United States of America 0 / 12 100%
[PL] StarMade Server
Online 0.199.654 Poland
0 / 30 100% AI Authentication Blueprints PvP Roleplay
StarMade RU Vanila
Online 0.200.227 Russia
0 / 32 100% AI Authentication Blueprints PvP

Comments (31)

For all the players, 04/02/2015 server has some downtime for hardware changes.

Serveradmin is looking into the "Insane AI" to lower some difficulty.

Also checking why the server has not been listed into the official launcherserverlist

It's up again. Haven't checked config yet tho ;)
It's been updated :)

OMG what a service :D

No prob - normally we get a notification of a new version, this time it seems to have slipped our attention :o

also I heard from a player there is never an admin ingame, i suppose if they leave comments here, they get handled?

another issue is, not much players, but very stable server. I'm thinking about moving everything here, but it would be nice if there were more variety of players.. how come this server isn't found in the starmade launcher itself?

also is there a difference between and

Hiya, yeah at the moment the amount of moderators and players online on Starmade is very low. We started off with almost 60+ people online daily to 1-5ish nowadays - moderators.. we're looking and looking for seemingly no one seems interested :x

As for the reason why it isn't found in the launcher. No idea - it's enabled but seemingly not working properly (I'll look into it tonight).

And in regards to the difference. There is none. Our server was initially RushteaMC and we namechanged into BeTheGoat due to the fact that we host multiple gameservers and not just minecraft anymore. For more info you can look at - and hence if someone wants to moderate the server let us know on the forum or mail at :)
i was just thinking the same thing when will you guys update?
Geat uptime! but perhaps a version update would be a good idea

server is again updated to 0.188

i'm a new player and would love to see some oldbees get back into the game :)
Because Tea Time built their homebase on top of spawn and they are at war with neutral people every new player on the server gots killed by the turrets. This is against the rules because the player they kill is near a shop and i think the server wants new people. I saw 3 new players yesterday but they soon left after being killed 50 times. Also I think just claiming spawn is not legal.

i have just started playing this server and there is no one to be seen at spawn, i suppose this issue is resolved :)
I keep getting an eod exception if i try to join. What can I do?

sorry an EOFException
You just have to love this server, they may need to clean out some 1 persone factions that are not used anymore to make it easyer to find the active faction that u are looking for but besides that its grade the staff helps u when there is a real problem els other players will jsut jump in to do what they can as long as u nto at war with them i just got one thgnt o say just join the server and have a good time
As much as we love comments in here - if you are banned and/or can't connect it's easier for our staff to read about it on our site - - If you send us a private message or post on the forum we will be able to act faster than messages posted here.

(Even tho I do check this if I get a notification via mail..)
Why the server is 0.093991 and not 0.03998 cant login pls fix it

See - We are currently on the latest dev build due to numerous fixes. Download that version and install it and you'll be able to connect :)

Devion why server banned me?

No idea - but I'll look into it.

Unbanned - still not sure how you got banned but I'm assuming it thought u were using edited blueprints.
Keep in mind that if you have ideas or suggestions that we are here to listen and act upon them. Good idea's might even get rewarded :)

you know there is a update so plz update, now i can't play :(

We're running Prebuild 0.093975
there is a new update for starmade when are you going to launge that?

Updated - It was on the todo and I totally forgot about it >.<

it is now don TXN now can i play on my favorite server.
Since the latest hotfix2 we're experiencing some pretty hefty server crashes due to projectiles not being where they should be. We alas.. can't do much about this except restart the server from time to time :(

We hope to see schema (star-made) fix this bug as soon as humanly possible but we understand he also needs his sleep so we might need to wait till tomorrow for this fix. ;)

If people have any suggestions, let us know :-)
Small server update:
- Increased memory (14GB)
- Increased slots to 256
- Restarter in the works to make sure our uptime is high. (Read: If it crashes, we restart it instantly)

Keep in mind that we just started the server - claim your spot, make factions, enjoy! :)