Novus Galaxy: Endeavour

Hostname Novus Galaxy: Frontier
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Location United States of America
Version 0.201.130
Registered by Twylite_Fang
Registered since February 28th, 2018 12:27 AM EST
Last update April 19th, 2018 07:26 PM EST
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Novus Galaxy: Endeavour is part of a new gaming network known as Novus Galaxy. With the lore of the servers all set in a new galaxy (mostly), the network aims to create a community where you can become almost anything.

Our starmade server, the 3rd server to be brought up, is designed as a place where you can create an epic fleet of the same kind that people used to use when PVP was massive in the game. Our server has a custom config as well, allowing you to make more multirole ships too.

Basic list of the changes:
> Asteroids are now pretty much 100% pure ore blocks
> Asteroid max radius is 100 (currently, we'll be upgrading the server's ram soon to allow us to have 320 size asteroids)
> Reactor power generation is greatly boosted (no more massive reactors for tiny shields)
> Reactor stabilizers now have much less of an effect, by way of not being as required for a viable reactor
> RC values of most of the chamber types have been downsized to an incredible amount, allowing for more chambers on the one reactor
> Chamber size requirements are massively downsized as well, allowing you to make a much smaller chamber tree setup, and allowing for much nicer looking ships and interiors
> Sector size is 10km
> Top speed is 900 without boosts
> Cargo space has been expanded greatly; player inventory is now 1m volume, with 100k volume for all factory blocks, and 1m cargo space capacity.
> General mining multiplier is set to 100, allowing for a LOT of ore to be gained rapidly, allowing for larger and more efficient factory stations to be ready to churn out fleets in days, not weeks.

The server is intended as the ultimate world to live Starmade in; you want legendary fleet battles? Sure thing! however, it is advised to have somebody with a very beefy computer record the combat to be uploaded to the gaming network's youtube channel or to the channel of the victorious faction (We like the idea of it going on the network channel the most, because it shows what the community is doing, and also looks cool).

If you want to wage war, you're more than welcome to on our server, though if it begins to lag the server then both sides will be asked to pause the battle and lower the lag-producing elements a little, like alpha weaponry for example, where there are a lot of groups firing a lot of weaponry at once. As we upgrade our ram however, that will happen less and less. Note that this does NOT mean that you're banned from using alpha weaponry; we just don't want an epic battle to make the server nosedive hard enough to wipe days of progress.

For those who are more into trading, you too are more than welcome on our server; trade fleets move at a greatly increased rate when carrying out trade orders, which means that you're not waiting for ages for that order of 1 mil mesh that you need for your flagship.

For those who like to just build, you too are welcome; in time we will actually be building a complete "museum" of ships, though only the smaller ships will be displayed on the server. The rest will be shown off along with download links on our official discord.

For the miners among you, this server will be heaven; the 100x ore multiplier here means that you're not just mining 1-2 ores, or maybe a whopping 3-4 if you strike it lucky... You will be gathering a couple of thousand volume of ores per click minimum.

>>> Please note, if there is an admin on but they don't respond when you say something in chat, just hop on our discord and @mention them there; they may not be watching chat, but are most likely able to be reached via discord all the same.