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Burning Birch Starmade Server

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This looked to be a great server and I have been testing it out for our group hoping to move here from another server that is way overcrowded but even when i am on the server alone it has connection problems. It was great to start with but has gone downhill the last few weeks. Hope you can work out the problems because I would like to stay and bring friends if so.
This is evidently a new server; everything is set to defaults, and the only problem is that it appears to be incredibly unstable currently when there's only me online; I get ping of up to, and beyond, 30k. the faction list is practically non-existent currently, but that will change as more people come to join the server. As of the time of posting this comment, there's 3 player factions: The admin faction, Black charcoal Trade, my faction, Kaurai Warriors, and "The Borg", made by another player. I've yet to find any rules regarding to ships, but the few rules you can find are right here on this page. Pretty good server so far, in my opinion XD