Galaxies Aflame Online 2

Galaxies Aflame Online 2


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Greetings, and welcome to
-=Galaxies Aflame Online=-

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Server Rules

01. No sexually explicit names, ships, or stations. Any violations will result in the removal of that object and the loss of any materials used. Blatant sexual innuendos will not be tolerated.

02. No camping faction home-stations (loss of faction invulnerability voids this rule).

03. No "Coring." (ramming a core through an enemy ship) Violators will be removed from the server.

04. Factions that wish to register on the Myrmidon Legion Forums as an RP faction may do so. After registering and being accepted, you will be able to add [RP] to your faction description. Any Faction on the RP list cannot attack or be attacked without a formal declaration of war. Any found violation of this rule will be placed under a one (1) day ban, pending further investigation by Server Staff.

05. No duping, glitching, or cheating. Anyone found will be permanently removed from the server.

06. Don’t be a dick. (Admins reserve the right to enforce this rule as applicable)

07. These rules are subject to change at any time under the discretion of the administrators in order to maintain smooth operations.


Before you begin on your great adventure, you may find some knowledge of the universe helpful.

A feature of this server is that certain blocks have been removed in order to generate new game-play dynamics. In order to get them you will either have to make them in a factory, salvage them, or buy the from a player who has them, and is willing to trade them.

The blocks no longer available in the shop are: shields, cloak, stop effect computers, stop effect modules, transporter computers,transporter modules, Jump Inhibitor Computers, Jump Inhibitors, and warheads.

Warheads have had their damage increased to make them more effective. So have fun with that. but be careful

we have also limited ship mass to 500,000 and stations to 1,000,000. We did not do this lightly, however it was necessary for performance reasons and balance. Many players can't handle having 1 million mass ships fly past them.