StarMade Server #1330

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #1330
Registered by ErthParadine
Registered on February 20th, 2016 06:56 PM EST
Deleted on November 8th, 2017 06:30 AM EST

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Rank Server Players Uptime Tags
Official StarMade Server!
Online 0.200.311 Germany
3 / 32 82% AI Authentication Blueprints Custom Blocks No Blueprints PvP Roleplay
57 Online 0.200.311 United States of America 1 / 27 99%
Cake Build Server
Online 0.200.311 Europe
2 / 160 99% Authentication Blueprints Creative Whitelist
23 Online 0.199.654 United Kingdom 0 / 32 100% AI Authentication Blueprints Roleplay
42 Online 0.199.654 United Kingdom 0 / 10 100%

Comments (10)

Apprently the server auto bans you if you live near an "abusive player"

Apprently there was an abusive player who lived near Los Angeles so nobody in LA can login to this server without being automaticly permabanned...

Thanks for your feedback. Our server management toolkit ( ) includes a number of abuse mitigation features, including tools to help minimize the impact of persistently abusive players whom leverage changing IP addresses, VPNs, proxies, and a variety of username manipulation strategies, as ban evasion tactics.

While we certainly have not banned all of LA, and there is no permaban being the LA area there is an abusive user that logs in from one particular netblock, using one particular ISP, and therefore this very specific netblock has a whitelisting requirement; as detailed below.

As noted in our boilerplate kick message, a quick whitelisting request on our support board ( ), will enable us to assist with a review of your login and connection details, and whitelisting of relevant non-abusive usernames.

For additional support, please visit our forums; those are much more closely monitored than the various StarMade related websites. Thanks!

So what you are telling me is that someone who happens to have the same service provider as me has been banned from the server previously so therfor I have to go to your website and request whitelisting with no guarantee of being whitelisted just to play on a server with 5 players online at its peak.

Sorry I think that me and my faction are going to find another server that does not blanket ban service providers because one user from that provider has been banned at some point.
I give a negative rating for this server.


This server has a nice community, I had a lot of fun in ingame chat and enjoyed it to talk with other players.
There are no tons of rules you have to observe.
You have an easy Start with a little Salvage-Ship including in your starter-kit.


Condemn objects, before they are finished and don't give the builder a chance to explain, before banning, isn't fair in my eyes.
In my eyes this is admin abuse caused by impatience.

Notice! This is my own opinion
The negative is decisive for my opinion

Thanks for the feedback Lord_Mortangol, I'm sorry to hear you've departed so quickly, as we were just discussing your situation this morning; working to determine what the next best step was.

Our primary concern is for server stability, which is why bricknaughts are banned. The fact is, your very large entity had suddenly began spiking lag across the server for all pilots; upon its removal, server load/lag immediately returned to normal levels. If you wish to return and construct such large entities in the future, we encourage you to take advantage of our existing tools and processes designed to facilitate testing of such entities prior to production deployment.

Additional details can be found in the forum thread that you initiated on our support board:

Fly Safe,
- Erth
Hello, it's Exorbit, I have now found out what was causing the bugs and crashes with my client and fixed it, can I please be unbanned ?

Thank you for also reaching out via our forums; the best (and recommended) way to reach us for support.
I've uploaded a blueprint and spent over 20 mil adding all the parts but now I'm stuck because it's got the old docking set up on it would it be possible for an admin to spawn it for me please let me know ps love the server

This isn't a good place for support, followups, etc. Please contact admins by reaching out to us via our forums, linked from the website.
good server