StarMade 0.1867 Released

Posted on December 16th, 2014 10:04 AM EST
starmade updates
StarMade 0.1867 has been released.

  • Hopefully fixed vanishing ships bug (hard to track down)
  • Reverted audio lib but added an alternative library (in the startup sound settings (turn OpenAL off)) to combat the problem
  • Fixed faction being overwritten when docking as a neutral on a docking block of another faction
  • Fixed Station spawn propabilities (too much pirate). This will normalize in undiscovered territory only.
  • Fixed black holes spawning in totorial system.
  • Probably fixed black holes spawning in 0 0 0, but if it's still happening, it won't apply gravity
  • Turrets on neutral stations are now decayed
  • Fixed people crashing because of audio lib in the last versions
  • Fixed older blueprints that were not working
  • Fixed new worlds not having any ships with the "enemy spawnable" flag

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