StarMade 0.16

Posted on August 3rd, 2014 08:44 AM EST
starmade updates
StarMade 0.16 has been released two days ago. This new version is a major update with new features and fixes.


Crafting : The crafting system essentially replaces the currently recipe system (random recipes still work, but will be taken out gradually).

Battle Mode : On a completely other area, an all new game mode has been added to StarMade. Because PvP in sandbox is always connected to time consuming rebuilding, fleeing ships, and other things that don't allow for quick simple fun, battle mode was created. Essentially, an admin can either run this mode on top of sandbox, or dedicate the server to the mode.

Personal Weapons : Two new personal weapons have been added. A healing beam that also works on astronauts, and a power supply beam that will supply power to ships/stations/planets.


Full Changelog :

StarMade 0.16 Servers :

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