StarMade 0.15

Posted on June 6th, 2014 07:01 AM EST
starmade updates
StarMade 0.15 has been released few hours ago. This new version is a major update with lot of new features, changes and optimizations.


Weapon System : This new system will change how ship weapons are designed in StarMade, and how the game is balanced. 

New Basic Weapons : There are two new basic weapons in the game : A damage pulse and the damage beam.

Combination System : This system extends the old weapon system by a huge number of possibilities.

Effect System : Not only can you combine your weapon systems, you can also add an effect to it.  Effects change how a weapons damage is applied on impact.

Colored Weapons

New Weapon Panel & GUI changes

Logic System : Another brand new feature is a fully fleshed out logic system. With this system you can design any functional system you like.

Round Planets : Planets are now dodecahedrons! Existing planets in old universes will not be replaced, only undiscovered planets will have the new shape.

Planet Core : The planet core is the center of the planet.  It has hitpoints, and heals very fast if hit.  But it can be destroyed.

New Decorative blocks

New Default Ships

Optimization and Bug fixes


Source & Full Changelog :

StarMade 0.15 Server List :
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