StarMade 0.0944 / 0.09441

Posted on November 3rd, 2013 08:24 AM EST
starmade updates servers
A new version for StarMade is available since some days ago.

  • mineral recipes now 1:10. Recipes for hull -> wedge etc (thanks to starcitsura)
  • finally fixed long lasting bug that was cauing an astronaut to be at local position 0,0,0 for one frame.
  • items in space are no longer picked up if inventory is full
  • added borderless windowed mode to advanced options in the startup
  • inventory management for building has been moved to server to combat duplication/loss due to lag
  • fixed transmission synchronization of point distribution
  • AMC balance (more damage causes more time to reload) (impact has been reduced since the pre build. Still not final of course)
  • fixed physics ray detection (optimization calculated bounding box too small)
  • fixed server freezing from running out of buffer pool
  • fixed chain docking position
  • fixed client being able to kill server by purposly sending malformed command
  • fixed connection map not working (hash code did not produce valid values): weapons/connecting did not work
  • fixed server crash when admin attempted to sector change player in a docked ship
  • fixed vulnerability where clients could cause the server to "pause"
  • fixed bug that forbid client to dock in some cases
  • fixed core duping bug exploit with using symmetry
  • added spam protection for spawning cores
  • [...]

Full changelog:

Servers running StarMade version 0.09441:
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