StarMade 0.94 - More stability and lots of fixes

Posted on October 4th, 2013 07:20 AM EST
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A major update of StarMade has been released yesterday. StarMade 0.94 gives more stability to the game and fixes a lot of bugs, so we recommend you to update your server as soon as possible.

The full changelog is available here:

To find a server running version 0.94:


Turning speed now depends on ship dimension

The turning speed per axis now depends on the dimensions of the Ship. This means if you build a long stick for example, you will have a good speed to roll, but less speed to look around. Mass does also still play a factor, but much much less than before

Pirate station difficulty

newly spawned pirate stations are now fixed and also get a random difficulty level to be more challenging: Turrets will be more powerful, and or have shields (as well as shields for the station itself)

Quick search and quick switch for inventories

inventories will now have a search bar. All blocks not containing the search term will blend out on the fly. Also you can now put an object in a chest and back when shift-clicking it.

Undocked objects now get velocity of mothership

If you fly in a direction and undock, the undocked object will now continue to fly in that direction. This could be used to build your own torpedo with docked disintegrator filled ships.

Ship search and more navigation filters

In the navigation filler, turrets and/or docked ships can now be filtered for the list. You can also now search for the last ship you have entered, making it a lot easier to find your ship if you die unexpected.

Notice for servers suffering from block chunk corruption

There is now a server config entry called FORCE_DISK_WRITE_COMPLETION, which should help with the problem. It's adviced for servers to turn it on in any case, except for servers that have problems/lags with disk IO operations

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