StarMade 0.09398

Posted on September 19th, 2013 04:04 PM EST
starmade updates

StarMade version 0.09398 has been released few hours ago.

  • fixed server shutdown freeze on machines without graphics (linux servers)
  • added debug broadcast and log friendly entry when a sector is lagging (to be able to isolate the issue)
  • fixed crash when having used cubatom panel (and then someone uploads a texture which causes a graphics error check (GL_INVALID_OPERATION)
  • improved instantiation of new network objects (caching constructors)
  • added more saved information for each update to retrace network data that was sent in case of an error
  • improved segment signature encoding to be 20% of the size it was before (timestamp and info the server sends before client is requesting the real data)
  • added admin command to enable god mode for player (/god_mode playername true/false)
  • added admin command to enable invisibility mode for player (/invisibility_mode playername true/false) (only applied to astronaut)
  • added relative projectile and missile speed for default max speeds faster then 50km/h (percentage gained). Can be deactivated in server.cfg
  • AI is now able to shoot fire and forget missiles
  • server cfg option for AI aiming accuracy
  • AI will no longer target entities in sectors that have the protected or peace flag
  • Server cfg option to prohibit local blueprint uploading
  • Improved the regular expression for navpoint input
  • added faction docking
  • fixed physics lag
  • improved general physics scalability and performance
  • changed server config relative speed for projectiles to a general multiplier

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